Monday, June 26, 2006


I have committed myself to joining a Stashalong until September 30th, so no more yummy yarn purchases for me in the near (or far!) future. I figure that I have more than enough projects planned to be going on with and should make a determined effort to try and do something with the bag loads of stash lurking in the sideboard. We'll see. Wish me luck.

My 4mm dpns arrived today, so I just need to remember to print off the pattern of the earflap hat from my work PC and I can make a start.

The Booga Bag is still damp. It's been two days!!

I promised a friend today that I would make her some knitted socks for her birthday. I am honoured to have been asked, as when I was starting to learn to knit again I was in awe of her skills and now she is asking me to make things for her. Amazing. I have earmarked the Regia 'Jeans' for Lisa.

In non-knitting news, I have started uploading some of my photos to our website - we get this free space with our broadband and ought to make more use of it. Link is over there >>>

At the moment there are just some recent folders to test out the layout etc, but hopefully soon most of my pics will be there. Have camera, will shoot take photos of sheep.

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Bronte said...

Good luck with the stashalong! I managed just over a month earleir in the year but I think I'm worse now than before... :(