Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Looky what arrived today!

I got fab presents from Badger, including some moo cow buttons from the Angel Yarns open day, scrummy G&B chocolate, stickers and jelly beans!! Despite my unshakable belief that I will win the £1000 cash prize, holiday in Rome and jelly bean machine from that crossword competition, it is nice to have these jelly beans in the meantime.

I have made a start on the alpaca earflap hat and so far, I am about a third of the way up one flap. It's not really the most interesting thing in the world to look at so I will wait until it's a bit more, erm, flappy before putting up a pic.


Badger said...

Hurray for jelly beans! I bought some for me too and they are most yumsome. Enjoy!

Bronte said...

Aha! So the buttons were for you! Maybe they'll be inspiration for a cow-themed cardigan... ;-)