Thursday, June 01, 2006

As Calm as a Carrot

Firstly, thanks for the nice comments people have made about my first blanket square. As I think might be clear from my post about it, I am not totally happy with it - so in the spirit of determination decided to simplify the design and try again. Here is the carrot square, sans lapins.

There is definitely less puckering and general wonkiness going on here.

Bunnies may well feature again in the next square, I think I need to another one to really get to grips with it (and use up the nasty green acrylic yarn!). So I am now embarking on the 3rd part of my blanket trilogy.

In other news, I am currently obsessed with crossword puzzles and trying to win my fortune by entering compemetitions. It's early days yet, but I have high hopes that I'll be able to give up work and spend my time lazing around, knitting and scoffing jelly beans very soon.

And I have a nasty blood blister on the inside of my mouth :(

1 comment:

Badger said...

It might look a bit neater but I liked the bunnies best!

And if you do make your crossword fortune can I come and play at your house and eat jelly beans too? I'll be good, promise...