Monday, June 12, 2006

Snot Bag

I seem to have contracted Man-Flu. I have caught Rob's cold and my head is disgusting.

Appropriately, I have been making a Bag-That-Must-Not-Be-Named. I appreciate that I am going to come in for some criticism from certain quarters for making this item, but I've had plans to make one for so long that just because lots of other people have made way, way too many of them isn't going to stop me now. So I am asserting my individuality by not listening to people (who probably do know best) and going along with the crowd. Besides, I've bought the yarn and everything.

Knitting on circs is fun, totally mindless and I got to try out the Russian Join.

Join about to be knitted.

Join having been knitted in. It's barely noticeable as the Kureyon yarn changes in thickness anyway.

Notice, if
you will, Pud on the sofa in the back ground. Looks as though she's been there for hours, but no, the little minx only got up there the second after I'd stood up to fetch my camera. That's vermin for you.


Auntie Noo said...

ahh hope you feel better soon. *hugs*. Bag looking good!!

Badger said...

The russian join is great, isn't it? And I would not dream of criticising you (much) for jumping on the Booga band wagon - if it makes you happy then do it (knowing that you are going to knitter's hell).

Hope you feel better soon - I've got something that will cheer you up actually, so I must remember to post it!

Helen said...

Not feeling too bad today, thanks, although the sooner I forget about yesterday the better... bleugh!

Ooh a present!! :)