Thursday, June 15, 2006


Spent yesterday being rather ill. Although the afternoon wasn't too bad, had a nap, watched Perry Mason, Fraser and Angel (the latter two I'd seen before, but they were still entertaining enough while I slumped on the sofa) but the morning is better glossed over.

The one bright spot of my day was when the postman brought me a parcel from Pie Princess with lots of cow goodies.

Thanks, Ms Princess.

Pud found the bag entertaining too.
Just checking to see if there was anything I'd not spotted....

I knitted a bit more of the Booga Bag in the evening. Had a slight panic attack
when I was finishing off, just pulling the end through the last cast off stitch and pulled a bit too hard, snapping the yarn about one fuzzy inch away from the stitch :( I think I have secured it ok, but it'll teach me to be more careful. I've now done about 2 feet of the i-cord, and it's looking ok. Any loose stitches are purely down to the varying thickness of the yarn, not my sloppy i-cord making....

And finally, this was the view out of the back window last night.



Auntie Noo said...

Love that sunset - beautiful picture! - Hope you're feeling better soon - at least views like that must help eh?

Badger said...