Saturday, July 05, 2008

And then there were two

My first loopy sheep was looking a bit lonely (and there was half a ball of yarn leftover) so I made it a friend. The kit makers were rather generous with the filling so I shall have lots of organic filling for the next few toys that I make, which is nice. The second sheep turned out very wonky, not sure quite why this happened and so I had to put in some long stitches through the body and tie them tightly to straighten it out. I did the feet differently too, on the first sheep I made little bases for the feet and sewed them on and on the second I just stitches around the ends of the legs and pulled them closed - this looks neater and was a lot less faff.

It is a shame that the weather decided to be crappy today, so they are indoor sheep rather than lawn sheep.

I have now started on a pair of Jitterbug socks for my sister for her birthday. There's only a cuff at the moment, so I'll take a picture when there's a bit of pattern to look at.