Sunday, June 18, 2006

Shopping Update

Maybe I shouldn't surf the t'internet after half a bottle of wine. It occurred to me that seeing as I was buying a book on making socks, I would need to buy some sock yarn to make the socks with (conveniently forgetting about the couple of balls hiding in one of my boxes...)

And maybe I was feeling a leeetle jealous of all the stash enhancement going on at the Cake and Knit Day at Angel Yarns today.... hopefully they've left enough yarn to fulfill my order!!

Have just placed order for some Lucy Neatby yarn 'Seashell' which I spotted in the sock catalogue I happened upon while tidying up earlier. Some Regia Stretch 'Skater' and 'Jeans' fell into my shopping cart too.

And now to bed...perhaps to dream dreams of socks ;)


Badger said...

I looked at the seashell yesterday - it's much nicer in real life than the catalogue, so good choice!

Auntie Noo said...

Think You'll love the book - it's a great all-rounder. I'm already on my second pair from it! Sock yarn looks good too - expecting photos when you start!!!!

Bronte said...

Lucy Neatby sock yarn is to die for. I had a good fondle of some at the exciting and yarn filled... I mean, really boring Cake and Knit day on Sunday. :-D

Helen said...


Can't wait to get my paws on it!