Friday, July 27, 2007

Having a bit of a break

Oops. My 'it's been a few days since I blogged' seems to have unintentionally stretched out into 'quite a lot of days since I blogged'. I don't really seem to have much enthusiasm at the moment and so I have decided to take a Blog Summer Holiday for a short while till the slump is over.

Rest assured, all is well with us and I shall be knitting and doing and hopefully will have much to tell of when Sheep Happens returns...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Thank you

Thank you for all the well wishes for Cadbury. He is back at home after spending the weekend being treated at the vets; not out of the woods yet, there will have to be more visits to the vets and tests to be done but his condition is definitely improved. We were allowed to bring him home yesterday evening, he seems quite perky in himself and is obviously pleased to be back home, although a bit groggy with the painkillers.

I finished the Seashell sock at the weekend and started immediately on the second (SSS is something that has never bothered me...yet!) and am now about half way to the heel. I'll probably take a pic when the second is done as it's too late and dark to use the camera now.

And one last thing. A decidedly worrying thing happened in the waiting area this afternoon while I was waiting to collect his tablets. I caught sight of a lady reflected in one of the mirrored surgery doors and thought 'Oh look, Mum's here too' - then realised it was MY reflection. Eeek!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Seashell Socks

"Knitting is something you can do, even when your heart is
going like a trip-hammer and the pit of your stomach feels all gone and
your thoughts are catawampus." Susan Baker (Rilla of Ingleside, LM Montgomery)
I put this into practice yesterday, frantically knitting away while waiting to be collected to take Cadbury to the vets for an emergency appointment for a blocked bladder. Things are now going to plan (they were looking rather bleak first thing this morning) but he will still have to stay in for a couple more days at least. Hopefully he will respond to this treatment and we'll be able to bring him home.

Anyway, let's talk about knitting.

The felted slippers are still too big and have been put to one side. I think they need to go on a very hot wash, and I'm reluctant to put the washer on just for them, so they can wait.

I started on a pair of pretty socks, using my Lucy Neatby Celestial Merino (Seashell) and the Lace Rib pattern from SKS. I rather like the mottled effect of these with the lacy pattern.

Also, here is a not very good picture of my Molly's Headband that I finished the other day. It is surprisingly difficult to get a decent photograph of the side of your head, especially when looking in a mirror. The Lambgora yarn is lovely, but the overall colour is a bit more vivid than I was expecting. Still, it was a fun, quick knit and something that I think will get a lot of use.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sheep Happens Outdoors!

For the first time in aaages, today we went out for a walk. Over the moors, from White Hill over Poole Hill and back (8,5 miles). It was nice to get outside for a change, as although as a knitter I appreciate time for quiet sitting and knitting, it was about time to get out and stretch the old legs.

It did start raining as we were heading back to the car, but as the weather recently has been consistant if nothing else we were prepared and had taken our waterproofs.

Towards Marsden


Lookout Sheep

The moors are greener than I think I've ever seen them. Even with the clouds of impending wetness looming overhead.

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


The slippers are now about half way there and just for you (!) I braved the wet slipper to take this progress pic.

I think another turn or two through the wash should do the trick. They really do feel thick already (you make a double sole) and I think they are going to turn out ok.

I was feeling a little glum over the weekend and slightly jealous of all the yarn fondling taking place at Woolfest, so I decided to cheer myself up with a little shopping. I have one parcel waiting for me at the post office and looky what else arrived today!
I think it's the purdiest thing I ever did see.

Posh Yarns Eva (55% silk / 45% cashmere) 4ply in Crab Apple

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Anxious times

My slippers are in the washing machine. On a coloured cotton cycle at 40°C. I remembered to put them inside a pillowcase before they went into the machine, along with some underwear and a couple of pairs of jeans.

I think my biggest worry is that they'll come out looking exactly the same as they were when they went in, but I thought it best to start at a low temperature, seeing as I've never tried this
(deliberately - the less said about my merino mid-layer walking top the better) before . They can always go in again.

Time will tell...