Friday, June 09, 2006

Oot 'n' aboot

I can't believe that it is only a week since my last post. It feels like much longer than that because I have been so busy and much away from home.

Last weekend was amazing. After the previous weekend of knackering myself out and having campsite issues I had declared that we were staying in and avoiding people. However, on Thursday night we wandered up to our local for dinner and a few pints and both confessed that we'd been thinking how nice it would be to go camping and that we ought to get back on that horse.
So we decided on the North Lakes as it would hopefully be a little quieter than
the central area around Ambleside and picked a campsite that was new to us having been told that they weren't full but we would be 'up on the hill'. Up on the hill is a very accurate description. There was a small carpark, a toilet block and a few statics there - and a flat area the size of a postage stamp with dozens of caravans and big tents crammed on. The rest of the site would have been enormous had it been stretched out and laid out flat, but as it was a one in two slope with a few little flat ledges dotted around there was actually only about 6 or 7 decent pitches in the entire place. We could have pitched up near to someone else's space as theoretically there was room, but given that I would have had a hissy fit if someone had done that to me and it was still early evening, we decided to try our luck elsewhere.

Luckily, our Good Lucky Fairy had decided to join us for the weekend and we found a dead nice (and quiet) campsite that isn't on the map. It was by a river and on both evenings we got to see lots of bats flying around unbelieveably close to us. There were also some ducks, chickens, some cute little dogs and a big dog that cocked his leg on our tent but I screeched at him so he ran away, but the bats were by far the most interesting.

We had a lovely walk (about 10 miles) on Saturday around Derwentwater and back over Catbells (451m), a dead nice pub that served cheap beer and scrummy food and on Sunday I purchased lots of shiny new kit. Including a new spork for my collection!

Buy that Luck Fairy a beer!

Monday morning involved horrendous panic and stress, followed by a five hour car journey to Southend-on-Sea for two days of meetings. In an ideal world I wouldn't get nauseous if I read while being a passenger in a car and I could have used the time constructively, but as it was I sat in the back staring out the window trying not to worry about how close the driver was getting to the car in front on the motorway.

Actually, no. Scratch that, in an ideal world, I wouldn't have been going in the first place but lazing in my backgarden with Badger, knitting and eating jelly beans.

Southend seemed quite nice, the front was quieter than I was expecting considering the weather was so nice but it was early in the week. The hotel overlooked the sea front (although it didn't feel very sea-like to me because you could see Kent quite clearly on the horizon) and was very pink and the average age of the other guests must have been about 75. I didn't take my knitting, as it was a business trip, but I wished I had as I bet I could have got some really good advice!

So now I am back, and am thinking that I would like to stay at home this weekend. The weather really is too hot for me to be much outside and I am getting withdrawal symptoms from knitting!

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