Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Well, I finished sewing up the jacket on Thursday night. I rummaged through my button collection and didn't have anything suitable to use and decided it was late and I was knackered so I went to bed. I went to bed dreaming that in the morning I would get up early and go into town to get the buttons and finish everything off. I woke up late, I needed to pack, I needed to clean the kitchen, I needed to take the cat to the cattery, I needed to get dressed, I needed coffee, we needed to be off by 10. I didn't get buttons, I left the jacket on the back of an arm chair and forgot all about it until we were half way down the M6. I know... I am a doofus. It's still there, untouched, five days later. I think all the pressure of knitting it quickly has put me off it. Knitting shouldn't be a chore - so I am reading Bill Bryson's Walk In the Woods and getting away from it all in my head.

But anyway, we had a great weekend at Centreparcs Longleat. It was lovely to see my school friends and their families again, we meet up once a year or so - it used to be at weddings, but now all but one are married we have to organise other events. Centreparcs is good because we can get a couple of villas next door to each other and booked activities and swimming means that there is plenty to occupy the days and laugh about. The swimming pool with it's slides and outdoor water rapids was the best (there was some debate as to whether it was more or less than 15 turns round the rapids on Sunday night before we headed to the spa pool) and I now am battered and bruised all over. I banged my knee on my desk drawer at work today (shitty bad day it was too) and smiled to think of how I came by my bruise. Those are the only bruises worth having :)

And I was chuffed to bits to see that Lily-Rose was wearing her Opal Carnival cardigan and to hear that it is her favourite item of clothing. How cool is that?!


acrylik said...

Oh, what a shame about the jacket :( But at least you know Lily-Rose will appreciate it when she does receive it as it sounds as though she loves your knitting!

Sounds like you had a fantastic time at Centreparcs.

Piglottie said...

Doofus - what an excellent word. Heartily agree that sometimes a break from the pins is needed, just had one myself and have returned full of vigour again! Glad you enjoyed your weekend away.