Sunday, October 08, 2006

Holm Moss

Today we went for a walk around Holm Moss (11,5m). The walk starts from the 'Isle of Skye' Road between Oldham and Holmfirth - why it is called this I don't know but you certainly get to see a lot of sky.

The walk goes up Black Hill and we were amazed to see the new grass growing up there. Apparently the peat landscape isn't natural to the area but a result of over grazing by sheep and the harsh climate, so they sowed it with grass seed a few months back.

This is what it looked like about 2 years ago:

And this is what it looks like today:
Some difference, eh? I don't really know whether I like it with the green, it doesn't look quite right to me - but I suppose if that's what it's supposed to look like then that's ok, but I just have this feeling that it's one of those 'we've screwed something up, so we have to mend it' moments and in hindsight the best course of action would have been to leave well alone.

The sheep took one look at us and went careering down the hillside at full tilt in a very alarming manner, but they made it down in one piece thankfully - well, three pieces.

A tranquil scene at the bottom of the valley - and my feet were much better today in my boots, which I was very glad to be wearing as a stomped through the bogs while Rob was having to pick his way carefully to stop his trainers getting wet. Ha ha :)


Lyonheart said...

Beautiful photos, I've not been to Holmfirth for years - used to love it there.

Auntie Noo said...

Glad you had a good weekend. - Have missed a couple of your posts - must extend my blogroll to notify me for longer as I obvioulsy don't look at the right time to catch yours! Know what you mean about those "we screwed it up so better fix it" landscapes. Getting to be too many of them about too!!!!

Silvia said...

It looks so beautiful. And I agree someone someplace did a major nono and decided the best course to take is add some grass!!

Piglottie said...

Beautiful scenery and great pics. Thanks for sharing.

acrylik said...

Beautiful scenery, sounds like you had a wonderful walk. I'm not at all sure about the grass, it just doesn't look right there.