Thursday, September 28, 2006

On the home straight

I might just do it!

I knitted loooong into the night (well an hour past my bedtime) last night until my left hand started aching too much and I had to give in. I have 8 more rows of knitting left on the collar and then the sewing up left to do. I could save a bit of time by doing a quick steam rather than a full block. Buttons are now starting to concern me. I am hoping that I have some suitable in my button stash, which is rather sizeable but I am fussy about little details and if I don't have just the right ones, then the whole thing will have to wait.

One very good thing has come out of this. I lost my cable needle. It is somewhere in the recliner mechanism of our sofa, which is quite possibly the most comfy sofa in the whole world but rather scary underneath and my desperate search turned up nothing. I suspect that the goblins who operate the sofa gubbins have used it as a spare part. At first the loss of the cable needle seemed to be a complete disaster but mothers,inventions and necessities and all that made me sit down and actually think about what the cable needle is used for. Moving and crossing stitches. That is all. So surely it is possible to do this using my ordinary needles and then knit across the stitches once they've been moved. Yes, it is possible. It is also much quicker and less disruptive to my knitting rhythm so the goblins can keep my cable needle!

I took some not very explanatory photos which I will post up next week, but first I need to concentrate on knitting whenever I can!


Auntie Noo said...

Oooh do hope you do it! fingers crossed for you.

acrylik said...

Needles crossed that you make it!

Bronte said...

Keep going!

I tried knitting without a cable needle using the method on Grumperina's blog ( and it works well, though I think it's better with thicker yarn and needles than I was trying to do it with. I actually like using my cable needle, though. I'm weird like that. :-D

blog-blethers said...

Good luck and speedy needles ... hope you make the deadline!

Piglottie said...

Oh, leaving us all in suspense! Did you finish on time, did you, did you? Pics please - when you get your breath back!

Badger said...

Keep knitting! Don't stop for anything, this is more important than eating or sleeping or working!

(And I will try and remember to post the yarn to you soon - I'm so useless sometimes!)