Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Shopping Expedition

On Saturday we had to take a trip out to meet a family who had bought one of our tents off eBay. We'd arranged to meet them at the Trafford Centre to hand it over. That done we then went into the shopping centre to spend the cash. I bought a few bits and bobs, some card and glue for paper crafting - which is not something I've ever really done, but I'd done some painting recently and made it into a little card and I wanted to make an envelope to go with it. More details on these in the next post. I bought loads of little bits and pieces, not spending vast amounts, but trying to get the most of my retail therapy. I felt a bit sorry for Rob when we were having lunch and I had a bit of a lapse and it was highly probable that people were looking at him thinking what a git for upsetting me over dinner.

So anyway, back to the shopping. I shopped good. The finishing touch was as we were walking back towards the car through John Lewis and I spotted their new yarn department. I let out a little 'ooh', Rob turned to look, went 'Ah. I'll go and have a look in the electricals department' and wandered off. Cue me, rushing headlong into the sale bins and what should they happen to have, but lots and lots of packs of Rowan Chunky Print! Just the thing for Blackberry. I'd tried a while ago to get it thinking I'd spend the birthday money from my Mum on it but not been able to find it in stock anywhere in colours that I liked. The only place I'd seen in was at MCA Direct, where it was reduced but still fairly pricey, and I'd just committed myself to a stashalong. John Lewis had it at half price, and there was a choice between Rage (black) and Pit (delightfully named deep chocolate brown). Pit it had to be, so it came home with me, stashalong or no.
Here it is... I got an extra ball just in case, so I might have enough to make something else too.

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Badger said...

I bought lots of wool at the JL sale - so much fun finding a bargain!