Monday, July 10, 2006

Itchy and Scratchy

One downside of the weekend is that I got eaten alive by the midges. I react badly to insect bites and now have a lovely collection of livid red lumps up one leg, around my neck and the top of my head. It is really my own stupid fault as I know I get bitten, but didn't realise it was happening until it was too late. So I have spent today rubbing on anti-hystamine cream and zapping myself with my mini electrocution clicky thing.

Did some shopping today too. For my Secret Summer Santa spoilee. It is a very nice feeling being able to browse through the posh stuff with no feelings of guilt whatsoever. The only difficulty was trying to decide on the best colours to suit her preferences... I hope I've got it right *fingers crossed*

It was incredibly tempting to get yarn for myself at the same time, but I was a good stashalonger and just bought myself a pattern, book (or two!) and a crochet hook which will be needed in the not too distant future. Ok, so a fancy Brittany Birch hook wasn't strictly necessary (I've always managed with the bog standard metal ones before now) but I think having a nice hook will make my stashbusting more agreeable.


Lyonheart said...

Shame about the midges :-(
Of course you needed a Brittany birch hook, it'll make the stashalong that bit more bearable!

Badger said...

Oh the restraint! I'm so weak I just can't resist putting a little something in for me even when I'm ubying for others.