Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Got there eventually...

The plan (last week) was to post the next entry of my blog with the completed fair isle tank top pictured. On Friday night I ran out of one of the colours - this was not a total shock as I had subbed the yarn from Sirdar Denim Tweed to Patons Diploma Gold and hadn't checked the meterage on the balls... - so Saturday I bought a ball of yarn. I am not counting this in my stashalong as I needed it to complete a WIP - and besides, Terri said it was ok :)

Sunday, I had a strange complusion to clean things, which is not like me at all, and only sat down to my knitting after a day of scrubbing, mopping, polishing, sorting and painting everything in sight. Needless to say my stash is still laid out across the dining room floor in what Rob calls a 'wool explosion'... well, I need to see what I'm up against.

So the weekend came and went. I finished the actual knitting and then started on weaving in the ends. I was rather concerned that I had too many ends, but having looked at some of the pictures of fair isle projects in progress on other blogs (particularly impressive ones of Eunny Jang's site) and think I had a normal amount. I must admit that I took more care than usual in weaving in the ends neatly, as I think by the very nature of fair isle it is the sort of garment that begs people to look at the back. I know I do this, especially if I think it has been handknitted, and didn't want to let myself down with sloppy finishing.

So about three days later than expected, the tank top is washed and laid out flat to dry. Which in this heat shouldn't take long.

Picture tomorrow. Promise ;)

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Badger said...

I got hit with the cleaning bug last week. It's not pleasant, is it?! Are we going to get a piccy of the inside of the tanktop too? I've now found a litle fairisle project I want to try so am obsessed about seeing the insides of all fairisles!