Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Good post day

Some of the bits that I have ordered for my pal have arrived and I had a lovely time opening the packages and looking at my purchases, especially as some of them were for me!! Got some books:

The Alice Starmore one is just beautiful. Most of the designs are timeless and the fact that the book is about 14 years old does not matter. Not all the patterns are to my taste and certainly the majority of the yarns are disco
ntinued now, but that does not detract from this wonderful book. The Debbie Bliss one is more modern and is very Ms Bliss. I like her designs, and this book contains possibly the cutest fairisle kiddy socks that I have ever seen :)

My new hook also arrived:

Is it wrong to be this happy about a small piece of wood?!

Work continues apace on the tank top. A slow pace.

This is the back, after spending ages weaving in the ends. It seemed that no matter how I arranged my yarn, I always ended up with the end at the wrong side when I came to use that colour again.


Auntie Noo said...

glad you treated yourself too - I find I am doing the same (ooops!) Tank looking really good, worth the effort! Hope the itchies are better now.

Badger said...

The tank looks great so far, keep going.

I've got the DB celtic collection too and those socks are definitely the cutest little things. I'm very jealous of the Starmore book too ;)

Bronte said...

The tank top looks splendid. Makes me want to have another small person just so I can knit one... :D