Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Warts and all

I completed my blanket square last night. It was a touch and go thing.

I very nearly ripped out the lot about half way through as I could tell that things were not going well. But I decided to stick with it and get used to the fact that my first attempt was never likely to have been brilliant and that practise makes perfect. Well, maybe not perfect, but at least improvement. So I persevered and I am glad I did, as it was definitely a learning experience. I learned that I need to leave longer strands to stop it puckering. Weaving in the ends is time consuming and boring, and yet very important that it be done right, and there is lots of wastage. Blocking didn't help as much as I'd hoped it would... although I suspected that it was unlikely that a wash and a pull about was going to suddenly produce a perfect result.

I was equally unsure about posting a picture as I was about finishing the thing. But here it is. All my own work...
Yes, it really is that wonky!

On the plus side, my maths was right and the square measures exactly 9 x 9 inches.

On the plus plus side (and this is a big 'un) I spoke to Mum today and her
Maneki Neko seems to be working it's fortune magic. So I am going to reward it with a fish.


Badger said...

That's fantastic - I really must get on with my square....

Helen said...

That's a very nice thing to say :)
Are we looking at the same thing though?

Badger said...

Yes we are! It's the frolicking bunnies that make it totally rock!