Thursday, May 11, 2006

Holiday reminiscing

In between all this knitting there have been a couple of holidays.
We went snow shoeing in the Dolomites in March which was great, although it was knackering and the flight times were slightly inconvenient.The pic below was taken on the last walking day, up on a plateau which was the scene of fighting during WW2. We were warned to not stray from the path for fear of falling in trenches! Rob is one of those little trugers... I was lagging behind to take the photo!

Last week we spent in Northumberland, having spent years talking about how we would love to visit. It was very nice, although windy on the coast. I got to see Lindisfarne - shame that the real Book of Gospels is hidden away in the British Library, but they have a very good exhibition, complete with amazing patchwork quilt!

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