Saturday, May 13, 2006

Living Colour

I am a procrastinator. Yes. There, I said it. I will put anything off until it absolutely cannot wait any longer. And so it is even with knitting. I have been putting off starting the chapter on colour work in my How To Knit book for ages. Until this week. I took a deep breath and decided to make a blanket square for Tess's charity blanket. I had an idea, I did some scribbles, drawings, got some knitted graph paper (links here) and made my design. I went to a couple of local yarn shops and eventually picked up some yarn that sort of might maybe do the trick. I had all these great plans of making it with subtle and pretty colours, like something you would see on a baby's blanket. So what did I get? Insipid green and radioactive orange.

Here is the mess that is my current WIP.

And to relieve the eye strain caused by those colours, here is the yummy
Kureyon in shade 153 making itself at home.

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