Thursday, May 11, 2006

Catching up

So *blush* much time has passed since my last post, but life has trundled on much as usual. The scarf for Katy looked like this when it was completed. It looks pretty short on me, but Katy is only little so it fit her better.

I also made a
Maneki Neko (fortune kitty) for Mum. This was lots of fun and I want to make more toys - I have my eye on a lovely teddy bear!

The Sirdar Bigga that has been hi
ding away for a year got made into the cabled hoodie from Knitting Magazine (Nov 2004 edition). So you can see how lazy I am with knitting stuff, it's really no surprise that my blog was so out of date!

I made a pair of Opal socks for Rob, but haven't taken a photo of them - they are in the wash because I wore them... and my last finished item was an ipod cover. This was all my own work and I was quite pleased at the way my first knitting design turned out.

It's strange, as when I was a child and first learned to knit and crochet, I would think nothing of picking up my hook or needles and just making clothes for my teddies without ever worrying about patterns or tension. These are adult stresses and I should try and get back to that carefree state. Mind you, I expect my creations were quite dreadful!!

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Bronte said...

I love your Tiger i-pod cover! I keep meaning to knit a cover for my MP3 player, too... Hurrah for designing your own thing!

And the lambkins are so adorable! *goes off to buy some Quorn*