Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bring me the head.....

I got the pattern for this purse yonks back in the Jaeger book that I bought for the 'Dolly' wrap cardy and although I really fancied making it, had never got around to it. But for some reason yesterday I remembered it, and thought it would make a nice change from the colour square which I needed to take a breather from - ok, so I did no knitting last week when I was in Germany, but I couldn't face it straight away on my return. Crocheted in double DK yarn (Sirdar Denim Tweed) on a 5mm hook yesterday afternoon while watching Doctor Zhivago.

It's supposed to be a teddy bear, but we decided that it looks more like a kangaroo.

1 comment:

Badger said...

I would have thought it's a koala rather than teddy or kangaroo. Whatever it is, it's very cute!