Friday, May 12, 2006

Thank Crunchie it's Friday

Walked to work today (I thought I should after it had been decided over dinner last night that my car is killing the planet) - it was a lovely morning and very pleasant. Went to shop (Tesco, shhh!) at lunchtime to buy plasters for feet....

Sat out the back of the building at lunchtime in the sun and was visited by a squirrel, which was most unexpected. We see quite a lot of foxes in the shrubby bit under our window, but I didn't know that there were squirrels there as well. My reward for being green and not using the car maybe :)

I got home to find parcels of yummy fudge and yummy Noro yarn waiting for me. Thanks Groove and Pictish!

And to honour the fact that she is moulting and leaving great clumps of herself all over the carpet, here is today's lesson in The Way Of The Pud.

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