Thursday, March 08, 2007


This could be one of those 'what happened next?' quiz questions, but I'm afraid it's all too obvious. Happily, no damage was done and Mr C was escorted into the kitchen where some kitty biscuits took his mind off the entertainment in the other room.

The main body of my shoulder shawl is now finished and I have just to knit on the border. I spent ages rummaging through my knitting needle box looking for 4,5mm dpns to knit the border with, but although I thought I had some, I don't - or I have lost them. However, this morning, I was looking at the pattern more closely, and realised that it says 4mm dpns for the border, which I have! Hurrah!


Fiona said...

Your cat looks just like our old moggie Gypsy, who used to run like Pepe le Pew. Glad he was prevented from causing havoc.

artyfartykat said...

Oh,spoiling his fun!! ;)
And the pie on the previous post looks delicious too! ( drools !)Hope it tasted as good as it looked!

Christina said...

Nice cat, he certainly looks ready to pounce. Well done on getting most of the shawl done so quickly, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished item. Pie looks yummy too.

acrylik said...

My cats love to "help" when I'm knitting too - they are so thoughtful ;)