Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sunday Stroll...

Today got off to a slightly shaky start when I discovered after my first mouthful of breakfast cereal that the milk had gone slightly funny tasting. EEeewww. Am annoyed that the milk that didn't even last beyond the display till date, let alone the use by.
Breakfast plans changed to toast and marmalade. Black coffee was rather nice.

Went for walk up on the moors around Black Hill and Wessenden Reservoir - about 10 miles. Lovely day - quite hot - and the heather was out in all it's glory.

Unfortunately so were millions of big irritating flying bug things. They're even multiplying on my blog - I only uploaded the photo once and three showed up.... I deleted the other two as they are nasty..

Gratuitous sheep shot

Today's lesson in the Way of the Pud.

(The carrier bag in the bottom of the photo is from Trefiw Woollen Mill in North Wales where I bought some wool to make a jumper from 'real' wool from 'real' Welsh Sheep... this is a work in progress, more later)

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