Saturday, August 20, 2005

Lazy Saturday

Yesterday evening we went to the Kings Arms for our tea - and may have had a couple of drinks too - including some on the house for agreeing to move tables when a party of 6 came in and they wanted to rearrange the tables. This was cool, as the table we moved to was by the window and more pleasant. Some strange men came in wearing waistcoats (one even had a DPM kilt on - not a sight seen often around these parts) and there was speculation as to whether they were the local chess club or strange academic / historian society. They started dancing - with pieces of metal that looked suspiciously like metal files - very energetically to the bagpipes and recorder (played by said kilted man) and then came round collecting money. When questioned one chap said that he could place no historical significance to their dancing, just that his wife wouldn't let him come out drinking otherwise.... she must be *really* strange.

Anyway, so today has been a stay at home day. Did some much needed tidying around the house this morning, baked some bread to have for lunch and then got some knitting done. Pud kept to the Way Of The Pud - slept on the washing pile till teatime, then sat on the sofa.

Knitting progress: not bad.

Pud: doing what Pud's do best

Steps: woefully lacking today (although did the 10,000 yesterday) and the Government will be extra disappointed as there may well be red wine to drink with dinner... which is going to be braised beef stew and mashed potatoes

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