Tuesday, June 26, 2007


The first slipper is done. It is HUGE! I hope that the Lambs Pride felts as well as people assure me that it will, because this baby needs shrinking by a hell of a lot. Knitting the sole on was interesting, with three 9mm needles on the go at once. I used my Denises and one straight needle and managed ok, although it made my hand ache so quite slow going.

This is the Lambgora. It isn't at all like how I would expect lambswool and angora to be... stretchy. Also very soft and so pretty, I think this colour is called Ocean Swirl.

And this, of course, is Cadbury, who was worrying the strap on my camera while I was taking the other photo so I snapped him too.


Queen of the froggers. said...

That yarn is very nice colours. Ihope the slippers felt to the right size. :)

Kai said...

the slippers look interesting :) and that yarn looks very scrummy indeed. Cadbury is beautiful.

Badger said...

You have giant feet, of course they'll fit