Saturday, June 23, 2007


Blog? What blog? I have a blog? Oh yes. Oops.

My apologies for the distinct lack of posting of late. I have been knitting away but on a gift for someone that I know visits here so I didn't want to put up any spoilers, and my last post was a waffler without any progress pictures or wonderful new yarn aquisitions and I always think that there is something a bit lacking in a knitting blog post without any, well, knitting.
So, in between the knitting I won't tell you about, I have been mostly breaking cars, buying new, visiting family, remembering birthdays and installing my new water butt. It does have a lid, I was just enjoying standing in the rain watching it fill up.


And, before I forget, a big Thank You to everyone who made contributions to the comments on my stash post; it was really interesting to get all your points of view.

I began a Molly's Headband in Lambgora (lovely, lovely stuff & thanks to Badger who gave it to me for my birthday) during my lunch breaks last week, and it is still at work so no pics yet. I will try and remedy that next week as the yarn is really worth a picture. Very elastic too, which surprised me.

And this the start of one of my (to be felted) slippers. I am loving the clog pattern, there is just something very satisfying about making something so shaped in one piece. I suspect this is why I enjoy making socks too, the turning of the heel has the same feel to it. The Lambs Pride Worsted yarn is super soft and lovely to knit with.

Lambs Pride Worsted:85% wool, 15% mohair


Super Monkey said...

We're headband twins! Except mine came out a little big so I use it as a hammock.

Christina said...

Nice water butt!! The slippers are looking pretty cool too.

Kath said...

I really do love those colours in the Lambs Pride and I too adore that yarn. It's the only yarn I bought when I was in the States about 10 years ago before I was really a knitter and bought way too much so still have some almost too cherished to be used! Can't wait to see how the slipers turn out - maybe I'll have to try that!

Groove said...

What a lovely small butt (for a giant).

If today was anything to go by it should be overflowing!

Fiona said...

Lovely slippers.

I want to get a water butt when I move house too.

Queen of the froggers. said...

That yarn is great for felting that you are using. Although I did consider shaving my recent felted bowls in the same yarn, I am used to the hairiness now!