Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sew What?!

The knitting is finished, the sewing up is finished, the ends are tied in, the edges have been pinned flat and steamed. The zip has been ordered and is on it's way, so I thought that I ought to face The Fear Of The Sewing Machine...
A few test runs with a tension swatch proved that machine sewing on knitting isn't so bad, the machine goes over it neatly and there was no bunching, jamming or tangling. I'm still very nervous about using my sewing machine, I've had it about 2 years and don't use it nearly as much as I should. I got one that could do all these fancy stitches, with the idea of doing creative embroidery and all that malarky, but so far I've managed to make one cat cushion, alter a couple of shirts and edge a dozen hankies... ah well. I shall have to get some lilac sewing thread tomorrow in town and then I'm all set for when the zip arrives and I can sew it in. I think I have read almost every resource on the web about sewing in zips (thanks to Badger and Fiona for their tips) and am as prepared as I could be. Eeep!

We went to the pub for Sunday Lunch today as it is the start of My Birthday Week and I am making the most of it :) We were very good (well, as good as people who are going to the pub to stuff their faces with too much food can be) and walked there and back. We went the 'off road' way, up a farm track and over a field, which is nicer than walking up by the main road. The going wasn't as muddy and wet as we'd worried it might be and at the farm we met these chaps who've just moved into the neighbourhood in their smart new abode.

Room With A View


Queen Frogger said...

Lovely animals! Are they alpacas or llamas? The hoodie is going to be lovely.

Piglottie said...

Alpaca so near! Have you started spinning yet ;-) Interesting about sewing on knitting as I haven't tried it yet and didn't fancy it (am knitting Eris as soon as I can), but might give it a go now I've read this.

And Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day and a wonderful birthday week!

Seahorse said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm impressed by your command of the machine. I want to put a zip in the hoodie I'm making but I haven't had my SM out for years because it hates me!

Christina said...

wow, you're brave facing a sewing machine, I wouldn't dare using one on my knitting!! Wow, alpacas so close, do you have a pair of clippers??? ;) Have a great birthday!!

Silvia said...

I love my Sewing Machine to bits so I am cheering you on. Go go you can do this. Lovely Alpaca's I love them so cute.
HAve a good Birthday

artyfartykat said...

Happy Birthday week!!
I feel the same about sewing machines, yet after I use mine I always think how easy it was to use! Short memory!
Aren't they gorgeous? There is something so cute about alpacas.