Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Review of the Year 2006 - Knitting

Well, another year is over and I'm another year older and probably no wiser. In keeping with the tradition at the end of the year / start of a new year I have had a think about stuff I've completed. Not a bad list, I think, most of it turned out quite well and there were no major disasters. The Debbie Bliss cabled jacket is still on going though and is turning into a bit of an embarrasment, so one of my New Year's Resolution is to get it finished before spring!

Pink scarf, Sirdar Snowflake wasn't much fun to knit with but the end result was very soft and snuggly.
Dr Fish socks, matching mother and baby socks because who doesn't want to dress like their baby daughter.
Tiger Ipod cover, my own design!
Fortune Kitty, it seems to have done the trick :)
Opal Elemente socks, mens, for my husband who complained. He won't be getting any more socks from me.
Cabled cardy, this is HUGE and takes up a lot of space in my wardrobe. I ought to wear it more.
Teddy head purse, or is it a kangaroo?
Patterned alpaca Ear flap hat, I think this is my favourite thing that I've knitted for myself. I've worn it loads this winter and it makes me happy!
Booga Bag, not been used but it was an interesting experiment at felting (I've just ordered a felted slipper pattern from Get Knitted which I'm looking forward to having a go at)
Regia Jeans socks, womens - these were a birthday present for a friend... I shall quote her response as I am feeling like blowing my own trumpet a bit!!..."It's just that the stitching looked so neat and uniform, it looked like it had been done on a machine! That's a compliment by the way..."
Fairisle tank top, not as scary as it looks but the weaving in of the ends seems to take longer than the actual knitting.
Baby cardy and hat, boring.
Tiny Teddy with scarf, this little chap went to a charity teddy bear's picnic and was bought by a little girl. What more could a teddy wish for?!
Smock jacket, this is my favourite baby knit of the year. It was really nice yarn, a lovely pattern and got so many compliments!
Flower scarf, crocheted from mohair that had been a gift from my MIL. I gave the scarf back to her for Christmas!
Hurry Up Spring wristwarmers, x3, a pair for me, a pair for Kirsty and a pair for Pie Princess.
Fyberspates gloves, very purple! I want to make some fingerless ones out of the rest of the yarn and have started scribbling plans of my own design... watch this space!!
Regia Skater socks, mens, a Christmas present for feet unseen. They fit! Hurrah!
Swallowtail shawl, started and going well, I have just completed the first Lily of the Valley chart and am waiting for my circular needle to arrive before I carry on.

My other New Year's Resolutions are using my Denises more and to get over my fear of zips, lace and entrelac. I have made a start on the lace, which is good, but sadly needed to order another circular needle as the Denises don't have the size I need to continue! Bah!

And lastly, to be generally less wasteful. The mince pies at Christmas horrified me as for the past few years I have made my own but in a fit of laziness I bought some. They were individual pies in little foil trays, in a plastic tray, in a plastic wrapper in a cardboard box. For 6 pies! I couldn't believe it. No wonder the world is covered in rubbish.

I seem to have ended on a low note, which is a bit of a shame, so I shall leave with the thought that at least the shortest day has been and gone and the days are getting longer again :)


Auntie Noo said...

Totally agree on the mince pies - I just bought 2 boxes for the price of one (couldn't leave such a bargain) and was equally appalled! - It must cost them that much to package the darn things!!

Knitty stuff was good - and I hereby challenge you to put in a zip in 2007 (says me who still hasn't zipped her Noro cardi!!!)

Auntie Noo said...

oooh ps Love the snow!!!!!

Badger said...

Love the snow! You've had a good knitting year and I think my favourite was the smock jacket too - I really must knit one for baby badger :)

acrylik said...

Wow, so many amazing projects completed! A great knitting year!

Happy New Year!

Silvia said...

What a great knitting Year. Since I did not find your Blog until late I have not seen all of your Projects but going by what I have seen they are all lovely.
Sorry to say I only ever buy Mince pies but even I don't understand why they need to be so overpackaged

Kai said...

some fantastic knits there!! When I have a mo, I'll have to browse through your archives!! Oo-er missus!

artyfartykat said...

You've had a busy year!
I totally agree with your mince pie packaging. Unfortunately, its not just mince pies that are overpackaged!
I love your snowflakes!!
Happy New Knitting Year!