Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Today I decided to change my blog from the strangeauntie spot to it's own sheephappens one to keep things a bit more consistent. I am also looking around thinking my template could do with a bit of a wash and brush up, but it's already getting late and I think I've had enough of Blogger for one night!

By the way, the address will also work !!

Just a quick hello too to all the people who's blogs I drop in on from time to time. Commenting seems to be a bit unreliable at the moment with the changes to the new beta blogger and I haven't been able to leave comments on a number of occasions. I am not ignoring anyone and hopefully things will be sorted soon :)


Anonymous said...

just thought i'd drop by and say hello, as a new reader! and also to let you know your comments are working. Well, for me at least.

*waves back*

Anonymous said...

I'm having better luck lately with comments too! Welcome to your new home and in case the comments go wayward again. .

*Merry Christmas*

Anonymous said...

*waves hello to you in your new home!*