Sunday, December 24, 2006

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Yesterday we spent the day walking in the Lake District. We'd camped over at the National Trust campsite in Great Langdale, which was quiet and almost empty (I expect the crowds will be turning up for New Year's Eve though) with only about 5 or 6 other tents on site. The morning dawned grey, but dry and not particularly cold. We set off to walk over Crinkle Crags (859m) at about 10:20am.

As we climbed up the (steep!) path passed Brown Howe up to Red Tarn (where we got 'meh'ed at by a local), the clouds began to look a bit thinner and we started to hope that there was a chance of some views after all.

Even so, I don't think either of us were quite prepared for this though...
Looking back to see Weatherlam and Swirl How rising out of the clouds.

Just the tops of Harrison Stickle and Pike O'Stickle were visible, so the top of the cloud layer was at about 690-700m. This is what is looks like on a clear day (photo taken on 4th October 2004).

Almost a White Christmas.

The Scafells

This was our view when we stopped for lunch on the highest crag on the Crinkles - we'd come up via the Bad Step. Although I know the Bad Step is not as bad as the name would make it out to be, it is something I've always avoided in the past, but decided to go and take another look. There was still a wobbly moment, but I hung on and, not looking down or thinking too much about the size of the ledge that the toes of my boots were on, I made it up.

Descending into the cloud as we came down The Band, back to the valley and home.

I took a LOT of photos, and this panorama video clip, although be warned, it isn't very good quality and is a bit sea sickness inducing as I couldn't turn round on top of the pile of stones I was balancing on very easily!!



Groove said...

It's like minus a million at night and you went camping?? You are weird! Nice photos though :)

Penny said...

What amzing pictures!

Kai said...

fantastic piccies and it all sounds so brilliant... then i remember that it's WINTER and darned cold!!

all i can say is, you are very brave. camping in december...

Auntie Noo said...

Photos are truly amazing. Judging by the amount of people getting on and off the Euston to Glasgow train in the Lake District you are not alone in your wintry habits!!! (I'd do it too if I had a warm sleeping bag!!!, but then I KNOW I'm mad!)

acrylik said...

Wow, what amazing photographs - looks idyllic.

modelwidow said...

What fantastic photo`s, I would love to be able to look down on the clouds like that but have never had the right weather when I`ve been up there.

Best wishes for 2007 and look forward to seeing some more of your lovely picture - walking in the Lakes by proxy :-)

Christina said...

fantastic photos. lucky you getting to go to the lakes over christmas. I've done the walk up to crinkle crags a few years ago now, pre-kids!!