Friday, August 04, 2006

Life is like a butterfly

I have some buddleia bushes down the side of the house in varying shades of pink and purple. Buddleia are amazing plants, they grow anywhere (if you pass through a run down industrial area and you see bushes growing out of the roofs and brickwork of old factories and warehouses, chances are it'll be a buddleia), have pretty flowers and are loved by butterflies.

Making the trip to the compost bins at the moment is a little like walking through some kind of insect zoo, there is so much activity out there. I did take pictures of other things, like spiders, but I won't be putting them up here for fear of upsetting anyone! My Mum could tell you exactly what these are (she's a bit strange about creepy crawlies - I have a photo of her holding a tarantula...) but I just think they are pretty! There were some plain little brown things as well, but they flapped their wings too fast for the camera.

Earlier this week, my Posh Yarn Lace Club yarn arrived.

Here is it nestling in it's posh tissue wrapping. Isn't it lovely. Too nice to be knitted by me really, but it drew the short straw and it's here now. I am not totally convinced by the flower pattern shawl that is suggested for it, so I am in the process of trying to find something relatively easy that I will be able to make with
630m (690yds) of laceweight yarn. Any suggestions will be looked at with great interest ;)

And just to prove that I have been knitting as well as aquiring yarn (which has been happening more than it probably ought during a stashalong - the posh lace was my August day off, if anyone is taking any notice of these things) here is the current sock progress pic.

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Badger said...

Socky looks good, nice colour!

I'm still not sure what to do with my lace - it's such a pretty colour that I want something to show it off perfectly.