Thursday, August 24, 2006

Baby cardigan II

The boring baby cardigan is finished. It was quite an enjoyable knit (although to be honest, I think it would be strange if someone who loves knitting as much as I do thought something wasn't enjoyable to knit...) and I am rather pleased with the end result. I feel slightly guilty that more time, money and effort didn't go into this cardy, as the baby boy's elder sister got 'Dolly' from Jaeger knitted in Jaeger yarn with scallops and everything... but I doubt their mother will ever notice so I'm not going to worry about it too much. I am particularly impressed by the way the stripes of colour on the raglan sleeves match up on both sides. How on earth this happened is a mystery to me :)

I am standing by my principles however and I am not making the hat. I wouldn't do that to anyone, let alone a little boy. It wouldn't be so bad but the pom poms! Just stuck there! like handles! What were they thinking?

I did the tension swatch for the DB smock jacket last night. The ball band on the yarn said 22 sts x30 rows on 4mm
needles, I needed more than this so used 3.75mm needles and ended up with 21 sts x 28 rows. Hmmm. Washing the swatch and pinning it to dry, I managed (with a little bit of encouragement and creative measuring) to get 22.5 st x 30.5 rows but I am not convinced. So the swatch has now gone in the washing machine to see what happens to it after a proper washing cycle. No doubt it will come out the size of a postage stamp, but it's worth a try. I am thinking I'll try again with 3.5mm needles, but I'll wait until the washing experiment is done before starting again. I should probably do a bit of work on the shrug anyway.

And I couldn't go without putting in a proper picture of Cadbury.

He'll try and eat anything, begs like an urchin, gets under your feet at every oppotunity, is scared of just about anything in the house that makes a noise (particularly the washing machine) but is so friendly and affectionate it's unreal. I think I'm smitten!


Auntie Noo said...

Cardigan looks great. - Pom Poms??? I thought they were handles !! LOL

Hope it's something small you're making on 3.5mm's - you're a braver lady than me!

Spot was like Cadbury when she first got here - except the begging bit she's learnt that since! - but she soon toughened up, and I can now even get a plastic bag out of the cupboard without her taking refuge in her crate!

acrylik said...

The cardi is just beautiful, I love the patterning.

Cadbury looks adorable, he has found himself a lovely home :)

Seahorse said...

The cardi is lovely. As is Cadbury.

I hate trying to get the right tension. Hope the swatch works out ok.

Piglottie said...

The cardigan is lovely, but cant believe you're not going to make the hat ;-)

Badger said...

The cardi looks great, but the baby needs the hat!

I'm really pleased you're falling for Cadbury, he looks gorgeous and it's great for him that he's ended up with you :)

Bronte said...

You don't have to knit *that* hat - I agree; the trauma would be far too great - but a cute hat would set the outfit off perfectly. A little umbilical cord hat, for example. ;-)

I am smitten with Cadbury Chops, too. I'll swap him for two small children!

modelwidow said...

Cadbury is one lucky cat, and so beautiful. Dudley was also scared of noises, but then we don`t know what they have been through before they come to us - he has settled and I am sure Cadbury will too.

Love the cardi as well - I wish I had some lickle people to knit for.