Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I seem to have adopted a new cat. It was all a bit sudden really.

A colleague started telling me about a stray cat she'd been looking after but couldn't keep as her cats didn't like it. Well, I say 'looked after'... she'd fed it and brushed it once in the hot weather when it's fur got matted. She was a bit worried about what would happen to it in the winter and would I like to come and have a look at it? Ok, so I went and looked...and brought it home with me.

A trip to the vets the next day revealed that 'she' is a neutered tom, not microchipped and in pretty good nick all things considered.

I don't really want to get judgemental about things like this (but can't you just tell I'm gonna start venting!), I mean, she meant well by telling me about the cat and has asked after him and said that they've missed him being in the garden when they've been going to and from the house, so I really think they did care about him in their own way... but to not even bother checking if he was microchipped or taking him to the RSPCA after so long a time just astounds me. He could have been rehomed, or had an existing family missing him, he could have been an unspayed female as they'd thought and ended up bringing loads of other unwanted cats into the world.
What really did it was when she commented that they thought it was funny when it started raining and the cat just sat there in the rain getting wet through...yes, and I'm sure he thought it was very amusing too.

So, I am pleased to introduce Cadbury. Thankfully he is learned in the ways of the littertray but hasn't quite mastered the mysteries of doors or catbeds yet - but then after sleeping under a car for the last six months, I suppose anywhere will do.


Auntie Noo said...

Well I'm thrilled to be the first to welcome Cadbury to the world of blog! - Notice that he is already "offay" with posing for the camera - which is a good thing! Agree with all you said, but sometimes things are just meant to happen that way!!!!

Badger said...

Hello to Cadbury! He's a lovely looking fella, hope he settles in well

Seahorse said...

Aww, well done you for taking in the gorgeous Mr Cadbury!

I love your bear too - I know it's harder than you might think to get toys to turn out right and he looks perfect :)

Bronte said...

He has a smiley face. I love cats with smiley faces. :-) I bet Mr Cadbury Chops has settled in perfectly.

Can't believe you're scared of lace - you've knitted a fairisle tank top! After that, lace knitting is like falling off a log. But less painful.

jar said...

He is absolutely adorable.

acrylik said...

Oh what a sweetheart he is!