Thursday, September 29, 2005

Holiday Snaps

The first evening at Trelerw... a promising start :)

Walking around St David' s Head
Sheepses on Dinas Head
Seals spotted in Ramsey Sound
Newgale Beach

Walking from Solva to Newgale Beach (the next day - these are in some sort of order!)


Patt said...

This looks as cold as Scotland

Hellbelle said...

Actually it was quite warm for late September! Bit windy on the cliffs, but quite nice. On the day we went to Dinas Head it was about 20degC.

I prefer cooler weather anyway :)

Puteri said...

Beautiful scenery.

Hellbelle said...

Thanks (as if I had anything to do with making it :) )

It is South Wales, Great Britain. Lovely place - almost as nice as Scotland ;)