Sunday, February 06, 2011

Monkey see, monkey do

My next project is to be a pair of Monkey socks - it seems like ages since I've made socks and it is also my knitting group's first KAL of 2011. Which yarn to use can be a tough decision - solid colours can look dull on plain socks and a variagated sock yarn that is very pretty on the skein can be surprisingly tricksy to match up to a pattern. Have a look at my Bayerische socks and you'll know how I know this.

So to help me decide, I had a browse of the Monkeys posted on Ravelry - and there are over 13,000 of them. I am SO late to this party that I should be carrying a bin bag and a pair of Marigolds for the morning after tidy up. As well as looking at the favourited projects to see which ones came out really nicely, I think it is equally worthwhile taking a look at the frogged pond to see what turned out, erm, less than satisfactory. For a start, there aren't nearly as many.

I decided that a lightly varigated yarn suits this pattern and started with some Jawoll Magic in greens.

Blending in quite well here on the blog

I got the Jawoll on Tuesday on a birthday trip into Manchester (birthdays are for spending time with friends and buying yarn, not being at work) and also picked up some gorgeous Malabrigo sock yarn, with which I am planning to make a Gail (Nightsongs) shawl.


Modelwidow said...

Oh I agree, birthdays are definitely best spent that way (belated happy birthday). I like your choice of yarn for the Monkeys and the shawl will look fabulous in the Malabrigo too.

Anna said...

The monkey socks look fantastic, I look forward to seeing the finished pair!

Artis-Anne said...

I did a pair of Monkey socks in a very similar yarn but it was Lana Grossa Mega Boot I think and they lasted ages , can't seem to find that yarn any more sadly. How is the Jawoll for wearing do you know ? LOVE that Malabrigio yarn and a belated Happy Birthday too:)

Hellbelle said...

I'm not sure how the yarn will wear, this is the first time I've used it so it will be interesting to find out. I have to say that it's not the nicest stuff to knit with, it has a very loose twist so can seem splitty.

& Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

Linda said...

That sounds like the perfect birthday ... belated wishes from me! Nice yarn choices for the socks and shawl.

Kath said...

Funny I was going to say that my Monkey socks looked similar too and they're in Lana Grossa Mega boots too ;)
Must be why I'm loving them!!
And the Malabrigio too - yummy!!
Hope you had a lovely birthday BTW