Saturday, March 05, 2011

Sheep in Snow

I didn't manage to knit a lot of sock last week, as we were on holiday in Southern Poland. I did about half a dozen rounds at the airport waiting for our transfer, and about three more rounds one evening when we had a bit of time to spare between getting to the hostel and going out for dinner. So I'm still working on the sock and have nothing yet to show you - in the meantime, I have some sheep related photos from our trip.

Never leave home without your sheep totem

Mt Turbacz 1360m (not many sheep here - they're all down the pub)

Sheep keeping warm - it was minus 14degC outside!

Traditional Highlander sheep cheese presses in Zakopane Museum

Old shepherd's hut in the forest


Auntie Noo said...

OMG that looks so beautiful. That kind of all encompassing snow is my favourite kind of weather - awesome!

Kath said...

Wow - that looks sooooo cold! Love the pic of the 'sheep' by the fireside :)

Modelwidow said...

Beautiful! What a lovely variety of sheep too - really like the sheep on the back pack, and those by the fire.

Linda said...

That looks like a wonderful trip, I love all the sheep!

Pepeluche said...

love the picture