Monday, June 23, 2008


...if proof were needed, that sheep are highly cultural animals and love a bit of modern art sculpture.

Yesterday we visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and had a great time (despite the very windy weather) walking around the park and looking at (and in!) the sculptures. My 9 year old niece proved herself to be very knowledgeable... or at least very good at finding the labels before everyone else.

Sheep by a Henry Moore.

This sheep has had quite enough of art for now, thank you.


Fiona said...

I need to go the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. People keep sending me postcards 'from it' for special occasions.

belaybunny said...

somewhere to take the kids next time we go up to yorkshire then!! might keep the inlaws quiet - lol.

I love your knitted sheep too btw ;)

Cinders said...

of course the sheep are cultured!-next week The Tate!!
Love the knitted sheep BTW