Monday, September 04, 2006

Panic over

The hat and cardy have been posted. The birthday socks have been posted. I posted instructions on to get to my house to my Mum - you'd think a mother would know the way to her daughter's house, and she does, but only from one direction! I remembered to post a birthday card to my Grandpa, who's birthday I always get wrong. I know I remember it wrong, I always think it's on the 4th rather than the 6th and post a card according. Sadly I always then realise that it's actually the 2nd not the 4th or the 6th. Ah well, better late than never. All this cost me over £5. I have no idea about sizes, weights, parcel post, letter post or anything, I just handed over the money.

It was rather a bad weekend. Cadbury's back has swelled up and formed a lump which is quite noticable. I took him to the vets and he was duly poked and prodded, given an injection and antibiotics and words like abscess, cancer, sarcoma and surgery were mentioned. An emergency visit for this Monday was scheduled and all weekend I have been a bag of nerves and worry. We've only had him three weeks, haven't organised insurance for him yet, there is a type of sarcoma which is thought to be associated with vaccination, so is this something I have done to him? All these thoughts in my head. He seemed totally oblivious, which is probably just as well as I think if he'd picked up on my mood we'd not have got him out from under the bed for a month.

So this morning I went to the vets (thankfully the smell in the waiting room was eminating from someone else's cat carry box and not mine) and had a nice calm chat with a different vet. He thinks it is just swelling from where the microchip was injected as they have to use a big needle and it is possible for them to hit other things and cause bruising. He thinks that the chances of it being a sarcoma are non-existant as they take years, not weeks to form, and it would have been noticed during the previous examination. It's possible it could be an infection around the chip, but the antibiotics will clear that up. So a much relieved Helen brought Cadbury home for his breakfast.

Kind of appropriate to my mood this weekend was my knitting:

A big flat expanse of grey in stocking stitch on 3,5mm needles.

However, today I am in a better mood and it looks soft and muted, and the merino has a silky soft feel to it. I think (hope!) it will look lovely with the details on the collar and sleeves picked out in dark red

This is what I'm aiming for - the Smock Jacket from Debbie Bliss Celtic Knits book.


Auntie Noo said...

ooooh hugs for poor cadbury - and catnip flips (or whatever cats like these days !!) Amazing how quickly they become one of the family isn't it!

My Grandad's birthday used be either 7th or 9th September and I always got it wrong - don't think he ever minded really!!!! Maybe it's a September thing that precludes memorising it!

Love the grey merino affair, mmmmm very tasty!

acrylik said...

Lots of good vibes going out to Cadbury, hope he is doing much better soon.

Love your new knit, looking forward to seeing it progress.

Bronte said...

Poor puss. :( Hope he's all back to normal soon.

Lovely jacket. It's ages since I knitted something that was so plain. I miss boring knitting. :(

DianeM said...

Hello! Thanks for dropping by my blog :-) I like the blue cardi but I'm glad you didn't put the pom poms on the hat eeew!

Cadbury is gorgeous, hope he feels better soon.

Bronte said...

Forgot to mention this when I commented before. Everytime I look at that moon thing on your blog I think it says "waxing gibbons", which is obviously some bizarre simian cosmetic procedure... :-)

Badger said...

Hurray for Cadbury!

I like that smock, I keep thinking about making it for Ame so i'll wait until you've finished and then see if you think it's simple enough and error free enough to bother knitting :)

Auntie Noo said...

Just noticed your moon calendar and want to say thanks 'cos it reminded me to set my tide clock, which needs to be done on a full moon! - Am now off to put that on my blog too! - Taa muchly!

dottyspots said...

That's a lovely coat - there's a smocked dress in one of the DB books which I also love.

Etha said...

Hi there, I am just starting out this jacket (1 year size) and it looks as if it could fit my husband.... did you have the same thing? Is the back indeed huge so that it can be smocked later??