Monday, December 20, 2010

I Want That One

Through sheer determination, I have finished my Christmas shopping (except for a few last minute food stuffs like pork pie which I cannot have in the house before because it will be eaten as soon as it gets home, and then my Christmas food plans will go all to pot - and I have a spreadsheet and everything.) I finished the last of the gift shopping during my lunch break today and, feeling a little smug, drove back to work. The queues at the supermarket turn off were incredible and I am sooooo pleased I don't have to spend hours in there, battling with wobbly trolleys, lists, last minute decisions and other shoppers. I try to make grocery shopping less painful by careful planning and list writing, but still dislike it. Apart from one thing that almost makes it worth the trip. Almost. I find it really funny to see what people put back. Me, if I change my mind about something, I will trudge all the way back to the place where I got it from to return it to the shelf, but there are wonderfully carefree people out there that just abandon stuff on the nearest shelf when it occurs to them that they don't want it. I like to think that it's because they decided that what is there on that shelf right in front of them when the decision is made, is what they really, really want instead. And I like to take photos*

Some previous examples. Ooh look, fabric softener. No need for these scones.

What to feed kitty today? Gourmet gold / Alpen? Kitty loves the muesli bars.

And today: No yummy chocolate drink for me today - I'll be just having these here tinned vegetables...

*That said, I don't have photographic evidence of the funniest one I ever saw (sometimes you have to pay the consequences for not keeping your phone charged) which was a pack of underwear left in the booze aisle in exchange for a bottle of wine.

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