Sunday, December 19, 2010

Surviving Steeking

Backstitch down centres of two adjacent diamond patterns.
Tiny stitches and tiny needle with black cotton - not the pink basting.

Steeking. Slightly terrifying.

Taking no chances; securing edge with sewing machine.

And a finished wristwarmer.

Notes: picked up and knitted 56 stitches on 3.25mm dpns, and then knitted 10 rows of 3x1 rib and cast off knitwise on 4mm needle.

I really would rather not have had to do the steeking. It was not an enjoyable experience, particularly not because it could have been avoided if only I had taken the time to check out the width of my knitting, while I was knitting it, and when it would have been far simpler to do something about it. But still, this isn't the first time I've made this mistake, and sadly, I'm certain it won't be the last. And I did get a pair of lacy wristwarmers out of it.

The ends of the cardy sleeves have been finished off in a similar way, and it is now blocking.

I appear to have italics all over this post, and I've tried but can't turn them off, so they are staying. This is annoying me more than it has any right to, I've had a traumatic day and I am going to bed.

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