Monday, May 26, 2008


Last week I didn't knit anything. Instead, I went on holiday to Keswick in the Lake District. It seemed ages since we'd been out and done much of anything outside, mostly because it has been ages and we needed a serious kick start to get ourselves into gear and out on the hills. And there were hills. Steep ones. With sheep on, so it wasn't all bad.

These were some locals on the slopes of Skiddaw where were walked on Tuesday, up from Latrigg - where someone has conveniently placed a carpark a good way up - over to Lonscale Fell then up to Skiddaw summit via the Little Man.

This is looking back towards Keswick - very nice view and I may also have needed to stop for a breather. Shame it was only about 300 yards from the car park. Once over Skiddaw we turned right at Bakewell and headed back along the Cumbria Way, passed Skiddaw House.

Where there were some sheep enjoying the shade of the trees. This whole area is called Skiddaw Forest, although I assume that the forest part of the name comes from the really old meaning of the word as an area reserved for hunting rather than because of it having many trees, because it doesn't and the tiny wooded area by the house is, well, tiny. This was a pretty long day, considering we hadn't been out for a while and 12,4 miles in total, so we definitely deserved our chips that night. There might also have been beer.

On other days, we went for a boat trip around Derwent Water, visited the Cumberland Pencil Museum where they have the longest pencil in the world which is pretty blumming big and went to Whinlater Forest Park to see a proper forest with trees and everything. Including alpacas, which was quite a surprise.


clarabelle said...

We walked Skiddaw last year (and I think we stopped for a breather in about the same place, and a few more places beside!). I'm sure we also walked that same path in Whinlatter and saw the same alpacas!

Actually we got cloud just as we got to the summit of Skiddaw, which was a b*mmer, but the views on the way up were brilliant.

Great photos, btw!

Kai said...

Great holiday snaps! My legs would be KILLING after that hike.

belaybunny said...

great holiday pics. we're going to the lakes for a couple of days next month. don't suppose we'll walk too far with the kids though!!