Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The final step count before bed yesterday was 13337. Woo hoo! I'm pretty proud of that, and feel that I deserve the large slice of pie, chips and gravy that I had for my tea at the pub! Today, I have done 9797 steps so far and am confident that I will reach the 10,000 goal today.

I haven't made any grand decision to try and walk 10,000 steps per day but I am trying to do more exercise generally as some of my clothes seem to have shrunk in the wardrobe over the winter. I love knitting, but it's not really the most energetic of hobbies.

So we have bought a Wii and I knacker myself out trying to play tennis, even though I'm a loooooser, and while the weather is nice I shall walk whenever possible and when it rains I shall go in the car and not feel guilty.

I realised earlier that I hadn't answered Tutley Mutley's question about Supernatural. Sorry! I did think about the answer and then it slipped my mind. Supernatural is a drama / horror / comedy show from the USA. It's into it's third season now, although I'm a late joiner watching on DVD so I'm a bit behind. I think the latest shows are on ITV3. It's about two brothers that fight supernatural creatures like demons, evil clowns, werewolves and ghosts. It's kind of like a cross between the X-Files and Angel. One of the brothers Alec X5-494
in Dark Angel if that means anything to anyone. That was a good show too. You should watch that as well :)


belaybunny said...

you've been busy with your knitting, what a great hat. Lovely photos from your walk - what nice sun you had, none of that on my walk today ;) Those socks look nice and snuggly too.

TutleyMutley said...

Isn't it odd how clothes shrink? I'm trying to excercise more too - get rid of my middle aged spread
Thanks for reminding me about 'Supernatural' - I do believe I might have seen a couple of really early episodes - haven't got a telly now, or rather, have TV but can't get any reception so we just use it for DVDs, (so I might order this show)... Can't say I miss watching Telly. Spend far too much time on HERE!