Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Day after Valentine's Day!

This post is slightly later than planned, but I didn't get a chance to upload everything last night because it was Rob's birthday and there was party food to be eaten, beer to be drunk and poker to be played :)
I got a red rose and a hot water bottle in a red velvet cover for Valentine's Day. So romance certainly isn't dead here at Sheephappens Towers.

My Zebra socks are coming along ok. This is the first time that I have used two circs and I think I prefer them to dpns. I bought 2.5mm Addis, one 40cm and one 60cm and then ended up getting another 60cm length as the short one wasn't comfortable to hold. The needle end is really short (85mm) and didn't fit in my hand properly and kept wobbling about in a really irritating way. Here they are so far:

Some recent yarn acquisitions: The February Posh Yarn Lace Club installment has arrived, it is Eva 2ply, (45% cashmere, 55% silk) in Willow (400 yards x 2) I have to say that I'm not sure about the colour or what I am going to make with it that will make it look not too bright. It looks brighter in real life than in the photo, I think the pink tissue paper is making it pale a bit!!

I also bought some 100% Angora (bunny friendly) in Jet which is very soft and snuggly - although now it's arrived I am starting to think getting jet black maybe wasn't sensible. I might have to invest in a daylight bulb!!
And while I've got the camera out, this is the cashmere that I got from Coldsping Mill last week and the Alpaca/Wool Chunky.
I am thinking that the cashmere might become a vest top, as I would really like a slipover to wear at work as the temperature in my office fluctuates throughout the day and layers are the ideal think to wear. I saw just the thing I wanted the other day. Pamela Anderson was wearing one in Stacked (which is a show about a bookshop on the Paramount Comedy channel, if anyone is thinking it is anything dodgy!!) and there are some nice basic designs on knitty and Magknits which could be adapted.


Auntie Noo said...

a cashmere vest top would be awesome - that's alovely colour and would go with so much. Love your other yarns too, although have to say the posh would be too bright for me.

Queen Frogger said...

Very nice yarn there. I have just ordered some alpaca/silk for a vest top from a Jo Sharp book I have ... I like the idea of no sleeves to attach!

Kai said...

i'll take the eva off your hands!! :) Definitely my kinda colour!!

I love the idea of a tank out of the cashmere too.. oohh what luxury..

Piglottie said...

I'm just trying the 2 circs method for the first time at the moment and think so far I prefer dpns, but I haven't done much. It just seems slower having to pull the next circ through than knitting onto a dpn but I shall perservere. But have to agree with you 100%, 40cm circs are a nightmare due to the small needle bit.

The Zebras are looking wonderful and your Posh haul and other stuff is lovely.

Artis-Anne said...

Love the socks, not sure about doing them with circulars though. I was going to join the lace club and a sock club BUT the only reason I didn't was that I want to see before I buy . How boring am I LOL
Love your other yarns especially the cashmere

Seahorse said...

I love those socks! That's a handy tip about the 40cm Addi.

Great stash acquisitions!

Silvia said...

Looky looky!!!! All that Yarny goodness.....have you no shame tantalising and taunting me?????
BWWAHHHHHH I want to buy Yarn!!!!!!!!!

artyfartykat said...

I love the zebras! They look really good, especially when the 2nd one is finished! ( I'm pleased its not only me that tries socks on when they are still on the needles!
Love your yarny purchases!