Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Yoga Socks

I recently spent a quiet weekend at my Mum's, as she's not been very well lately, hoping to get quite a lot done on my Ishbel, but after a few tentative stitches under the watchful gaze of Cassie - quite possibly the prettiest, fluffiest, cuddliest cat in the world - all hopes of knitting ceased as her claws wooshed out dangerously towards my lace yarn and circular needle.

I did manage to count my stitches, and discovered I'd somehow ended up with two too many stitches. This was easy enough to fudge and a couple of k2togs at either end won't show. Once safety back at home, I finished the lace section, which actually seemed easier to knit than the stocking stitch, possibly because of the fine yarn and the finished shawl is now upstairs blocking on the spare bed.

Meanwhile, I decided that Mum might appreciate some yoga socks (she lives in toepost sandals but gets cold feet) so made a pair using some Lornas Laces Shepherd Sock yarn in Purple Iris from the stash. Superwash wool - very important! Mum doesn't hold with fancy yarns! I used the free pattern from Patons' website and they are a super quick, fun knit. The yarn is lovely - so I've just bought some more!

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