Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Experiments with Alpaca

Last year I bought some alpaca/wool mix yarn on discount and it has been sitting in the stash ever since waiting patiently to be made into something deserving of it's softness, warmness and all round general snuggliness. And there is nothing more deserving of warmth, softness and being snuggled than my feet. So I set about making a pair of socks - as I don't have enough of these already. Nope, and pointing to my overflowing sock drawer will not convince me otherwise.

I don't have a pattern for socks in such chunky yarn, I'm knitting these on 6mm needles, so am using a basic formula and trial and error... mostly error, as it turns out. There was a cuff

and then there was a heel - which I didn't think turned out too badly considering I was watching Supernatural while knitting it and hence rather distracted.

And then I decided to try them on. They were far too big and stretchy. Super soft and snuggly though, so I am convinced of the right-ness of making these and, to be honest, the yarn is so lovely that knitting them again and again and again would be no chore.

Even Mr C couldn't resist the lure of the yarn!


clarabelle said...

The yarn looks gorgeous! There are a few free chunky sock patterns on Ravelry - great for a quick knit, though I'm not sure if they would fit into a pair of shoes!

Kai said...

ohh very snuggly socks! My favourite kind!

Auntie Noo said...

oooh they look so lovely and snug. I have a pair of loose DK socks and they are my very favourites! Have you checked the DROPS site for patterns? They sometimes do socks in other weights.

Kath said...

That yarn looks so lovely and squishy - I had a pattern in 'Handknit Holidays' for chunky socks which is lovely - Drops does have a few patterns for chunkier socks as Auntie Noo rightly says. Also Happy Belated Birthday - I quite like a Feb Birthday but then I enjoy the snow! BTW You Make My Day - see my blog for details!

belaybunny said...

The yarn looks lovely. It will make great snuggly socks for walking boots ;)