Thursday, September 13, 2007

1,2,3...over, knit, over...1,2,3...repeat ad infinitum

The knots-on-a-stick-turned-curly-wurly-scribbles-on-a-stick are now some floppy-blue-messiness on a bendy plastic cord. The Addi lace needles are lovely to knit with, nice and pointy and the yarn just glides over them with no snagging on the joins or anything. I give them the Sheep Happens seal of approval (woo).

So I have lovely yarn and lovely needles and a relatively simple pattern... why am I not gleefully working away on the shawl and nearing completion? I don't know. I really don't know. There is something about the openness of the pattern that makes it difficult to see where you are in the repeats and I have had to keep counting, something that is easy enough for a short time when there is peace and quiet, but not so easy once His Nibs gets home, turns the telly on and expects replies to his conversation. Progress on the shawl has been slow and I am getting a bit bored of it.

Poor shawl. My head has been turned by lace cuff socks and a pretty cardy pattern on the Garn Studio website and I am trying to decide whether making tiny knitted hats for innocent's Age Concern charity appeal counts as being unfaithful. I've only made three so far. And they're very small.

Not much walking has happened lately, but the other evening we did go to Dovestones Reservoir just down the road from here. It's not a bad spot for a picnic tea.

Views as the evening progresses


gilraen said...

Wow!!!! Wonderful scenery indeed! :)

Piglottie said...

Beautiful pictures! And I agree, a stunning place for a picnic.

That's the problem I have with lace too - if its too much to think about and is taking too long, I feel disheartened and then go and knit socks :)

Queen of the froggers said...

I know how you feel about the lace, I have lace and Venezia on the go and both are a bit here and there as they are too much concentration. I need to knit something simple!

super monkey said...

Knitters today. NO GUMPTION!

Eyes on the prize!
No gain no pain!
Many a mickle makes a muckle!


When in Rome make hay while the going's good!

Fiona said...

The Smoothie bottles that get your hats are going to be the smartest Smoothie bottles around.

Lovely views BTW.

Riggwelter said...

ooooh I love those diddy hats! And the scenery, well, stunning!

dreamcatcher said...

Beautiful photos! I love your innocent hats, great designs.

Christina said...

yes, definately a lovely place.

Fiona said...

Ta for the advice RE: the BP at the FPC. Much appreciated.

Kay said...

Ooh, such lovely photos.

(And that blue shawl is looking lovely.)